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Posted by admin on 13th March 2014

How to Safeguard Rank Driven Bidding

ClickSweeper introduces Target Ranks 1.5 and 2.5 for more accurate placement at lower costs

As an online marketer that depends on rank (ad position on search result pages), there are times when you want to bid aggressively to get the maximum exposure, but want to avoid paying premium to be at the top. That’s why ClickSweeper has developed target ranks of 1.5 and 2.5 in hopes that this small enhancement will give you the comfort you need in setting and reaching your target goals.

In the ideal scenario, you would achieve the highest rank at the lowest cost. Unfortunately, this is unlikely. A target rank of one (1) may motivate competitors to aggressively raise their bid prices, thus increasing target bid prices higher and higher. In this case it would be helpful to bid between rank 1 and rank 2. This was not an option, until now.

Now with ClickSweeper you can target rank 1.5 or 2.5.  With this selection, you will lower the risk of bidding a premium bid price while still achieving top 3 ad positions.

ClickSweeper’s Rank Based bidding strategy offers two ways to safeguard bid price besides rank goal. Bid price is bounded by a max rank bid that you’re willing to pay, and one allows the target rank to be set based on one of keyword performance factor such as cost per conversion, CTR, quality score or conversion count.

With this new feature, ClickSweeper offers customizable automation to achieve your marketing goals at an affordable cost without demanding all your time.

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Posted by James Lee on 6th July 2010

New ClickSweeper Feature: Cross-Engine Keyword Addition

We’re excited to launch a new time-saving feature that makes improving and synchronizing your campaigns across multiple vendors faster and easier. Now you can add keywords across Google and MSN through ClickSweeper with minimal navigation.

Simply log in, click the keywords tab, and select the ‘Add keywords’ button. An editor will pop up in which you can choose the vendor, campaign, adgroup, match type, and enter keywords. Let’s try adding the keyword ‘paycheck cashing problems’ to our Google campaign. Continue Reading

Posted by James Lee on 23rd November 2009

Keyword Addition. (Released on Sep. 14)

With this feature, we’ve taken ClickSweeper one step closer to being the only site you’ll ever need to visit to manage your PPC ads. Our new keyword addition feature lets you add up to 100 new keywords at a time to the campaign and adgroup of your choice. Drop down menus let you choose campaign and adgroup without navigating, as well as quickly copy whole batches of keywords from adgroup to adgroup. Although individual keyword bids and matching options are not yet available, you can choose exact, phrase, or broad matching for each set of keywords you enter.

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