Posted by James Lee on 28th December 2009

5 Key Advantages of PPC Advertising

Earlier in December, the ClickSweeper team followed the debate over at WebProNews about the benefits of PPC (pay per click advertising) vs. SEO (search engine optimization). Some interesting arguments came up in favor of PPC that we’d like to share with you if you’re considering pay per click advertising for your business.

1. Traffic — fast. SEO takes time, often months or more, to show results. In contrast, you can set up a pay per click campaign and get your ads running on the front page of Google’s search results within hours. PPC ads are a very effective way to drive traffic to a new site with few links or no web presence. And if you go for a dual PPC/SEO strategy, they can tide you over until your SEO efforts kick in.

2. Effective advertising for sales & promotions. If you run an ecommerce site, pay per click advertising can get you a lot of highly targeted traffic when you need it: during a promotion or for seasonal items or services. Even if you’re having trouble competing with big corporations in organic search results, PPC advertising can get your ads next to theirs.

 3. Flexibility. You set the budget, pick the keywords, and adjust your bids. Pay per click advertising lets you control just about every aspect of your campaigns. Need to pause your campaign? No problem. Add a few more negative keywords? Sure. All your changes go live immediately.

4. Accurate market research. Having set up a PPC campaign, you can see which keywords are performing well for you and use them to focus your SEO efforts. You’ll have a good idea of which keywords are frequently searched for and convert well.

5. Lower initial cost. SEO takes a larger upfront investment, whereas PPC campaigns can be started with relatively modest budgets and can be paused at any time.

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 source: WebProNews

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