Posted by James Lee on 3rd February 2010

PPC Management Tip: Landing Pages

You probably already know that a highly relevant and user friendly landing page is key to high conversion rates and low bounce rates. It’s your first and best chance to make a good impression on a prospective client. And it plays a huge role in determining whether your prospect becomes a client. Important? You bet.

At the same time, we here at ClickSweeper realize that it’s time-consuming to create new AdGroups for every handful of keywords associated with a specific landing page. So how do you find the right balance? Here’s a little secret: AdWords lets you set landing pages for individual keywords within an AdGroup. Click on the keywords tab, select the keywords whose URLs you want to individualize, choose ‘edit in a spreadsheet,’ and fill in the appropriate boxes with the new URLs. Done!

Note that changing the URL will not change your ad copy. Some keywords will definitely need individual ad copy (and thus their own AdGroups) to reach peak performance. But for other keywords, especially merchandise within a fairly narrow category, this can be the right strategy. Let’s say you have an online toy shop that sells, oh, say, bouncy balls. The ad copy for your bouncy ball AdGroup might bouncy ballread something like:

  • Save on Bouncy Balls
  • Choose From Many Colors & Sizes.
  • 25% off Retail + Free Shipping!

Most keywords could land on your category page for bouncy balls. However, you could also assign product page URLs to more specific keywords like ‘red bouncy ball’ without having to create new AdGroups. 

Hope this tip was useful! Try it out and let us know how it goes. Don’t forget: if you haven’t already, you can try our PPC management software free today.

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