Posted by James Lee on 12th February 2010

Content & Site-Targeted Ads on ClickSweeper

Have you written off content network ads as unprofitable and pointless? 2010 might be a good year to change your mind. Managed right, content network and site targeted ads on Google can achieve high click through and conversion rates.

Let’s start off with a quick look at the three types of ads you can run through Google AdWords: keyword search ads, content network ads, and site-targeted ads. Keyword search ads are triggered by the user’s queries on search engine results pages. Content network ads, which can be run with your keyword search campaigns or as separate campaigns, are shown on content network sites that either Google chooses (automatic placement) or you do (managed placement), based on the keywords you are bidding on. And site-targeted ads are separate campaigns in which you choose the keywords, the sites on which you want your ads shown, and set bids per site (not by keyword).

Content and site targeted ads, although often cheaper in terms of cost per click, can have frustratingly low CTR and conversion rates. Part of the problem stems from the structure of site-based ads: less targeted traffic, a more scattershot approach, less control. However, advantages include more traffic, wider exposure for your brand, and the opportunity to reach relevant audiences that you would never have thought of. Some quick tips to keep in mind:

  • keep your search and content campaigns separate so you can set different budgets for each
  • filter out sites that have very low click through rates (CTRs) and 0 conversions
  • use content network advertising to figure out which sites convert, then use those for your more expensive site-targeted ads
  •  focus your AdGroups for higher quality scores and CTRs
  • monitor your conversions closely
  • stay on top of your bidding

But managing your bids can be time consuming and tedious. ClickSweeper stands out amongst other PPC software in that it offers advanced bid options on both content network and site-targeted ads. Automated bid updates keep you on top of the game: you can set target bids, ranks, or cost per conversion, and ClickSweeper will automatically update your bids for you.

Want to try it out? Get a free 1-month trial of ClickSweeper, and get full automation of all three types of ads.

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