Posted by James Lee on 29th March 2010

Raising Your Keyword Quality Scores

Keyword quality score is important in PPC management. Actually, that’s an understatement. It plays the major role in determining how much your first page bids are, what keywords you’re eligible to show ads for, and how often. Neglecting those little numbers assigned to each of your keywords just isn’t a good idea. If you’ve noticed that your quality scores tend to be low, you may be paying a lot more for your bids than you need to.

To start with, a 7 is considered a good score. You won’t be able to optimize every keyword to a 10; in fact, you’re only likely to get into higher scores if the keywords are very closely associated with you — your brand name, for example. However, any keyword that is scoring less than a 5 merits taking action. Let’s take a look at the major factors that go into calculating your quality score, and what you can do to boost them.

1. CTR and Relevance to ad copy. Your keywords should be grouped in small, fairly specific AdGroups with attractive, relevant ad copy. Click through rate plays a big role in quality score, and keywords and ad copies that are relevant to searches get more clicks. 

–> Do this: Test new ad copy against your current copy continually to find one with higher click through rates. 

2. Keyword Relevance. Underperforming keywords can drag down your AdGroup performance and even your overall account quality score. (Your account quality score is based on an average of your keyword quality scores as well as other factors like CTR. Accounts with better quality scores pay less for clicks.)

–>Do this: Focus your adgroups by pausing or moving low scoring keywords.

3. Landing page quality (relevance, loading time, trustworthiness). We’ve talked about landing pages in previous posts, but we can’t overemphasize it: attractive, targeted landing pages are key to both better quality scores and conversion rates.

–> Do this: Check to see if your current landing pages are as relevant and targeted as possible. Remember, your landing page should reflect what your potential customer was looking for by clicking on your ad.

The good news is that, once you’ve evaluated your account for these factors, ClickSweeper PPC management software can take a lot of the work out of maintaining your quality scores with its ad copy management and automated keyword bidding services.  Curious? Try us for free today.

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