Posted by James Lee on 9th April 2010

Want Great PPC Ad Copy?

If that title had been a PPC ad title, I bet it would have had a better clickthrough rate than a title that read, oh, PPC Copywriting Tips. Humans are curious creatures and questions are an easy way to pique that curiosity. But more on that in a bit.

As you probably know, good ad copy is a huge part of a successful PPC campaign. While ClickSweeper makes PPC ad copy management easier by identifying most clicked keywords and automatically evaluating ad copy, writing the ads themselves still falls to you. At just 95 characters, a good PPC ad is a masterful blend of relevance, attractiveness, readability, and concision. Whew! Here are a few tips to help you kick your PPC ads up a notch.

  • Focus on the title. These 25 characters are the heavyweights in attracting a searcher’s attention. You need a title that is highly relevant to the searcher’s query. Try incorporating one of the top keywords from your adgroup or, alternately, going for dynamic keyword insertion if you have a very focused set of keywords in your adgroup.
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word in your ad (not including prepositions and articles). Don’t neglect your URL:  is much harder to read than
  • Customize your URL by including a keyword or two that you’re targeting at the end:
  • Use numbers & symbols (sales, prices, years of experience, satisfaction rating, etc.) to help your ads stand out and provide info in a readable, succinct format. Don’t overdo it, though; you still want your ad to be readable.
  • Ask a question, provide a call to action, offer qualifications or special offers. You have a limited amount of space to persuade a reader to click, so try one of these classic strategies. Whether you have a freebie offer or dozens of years of experience, make it prominent!
  • Keep testing. Rather than trying to cram all of the above into one ad copy, test two ad copies at a time. ClickSweeper will automatically pause the lesser of the two. Then write a new one to test against the winner. Repeat. After a few trials, you’ll notice several patterns of things that are and are not working.

Fortunately, once you’re done writing your ad copy, ClickSweeper can take over from there with its customizable ad management tools. Curious how PPC management software makes managing ad copy easier? Try us for free today!

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