Posted by James Lee on 19th April 2010

Keyword ROI Bidding Strategy

A quick head’s up about a special ClickSweeper feature you may have missed. Among the four automated PPC bidding strategy Clicksweeper offers is one that is especially tailored to online merchants who manage many products with different pricing and ROI goals. Keyword ROI based bidding, available for Google, Yahoo, and MSN, allows you to easily control and optimize for ROAS on an individual keyword level.

Here’s how it works. You set a campaign level ROAS goal to start with, say 300%. You can easily adjust the ROAS for different AdGroups or even set a specific ROAS for an individual keyword. If the conversion tracking code is customized to include the revenue from sales completed through your shopping cart, the revenue generated by each keyword is imported to ClickSweeper and compared with your keyword ROAS goals. Keywords that perform better than 300% get rewarded with higher bids for more exposure; keywords that perform worse are penalized with lower bids. To cap spending, you can also enter in max bids for individual keywords.

And because we like to be helpful, keywords that under or overperform are highlighted in different colors — green for overperforming, red for underperforming — so you can get the big picture of your campaign at a single glance. 

Unlike most keyword ROI bidding strategies, ClickSweeper’s can be based on either cost per conversion or by shopping cart revenue down to the individual keyword level. No estimates; Clicksweeper bases its changes on cold, hard data. The extra detail it offers about each of your keywords could just be the edge you need in the competitive PPC world.

Sound good to you? Learn more about ClickSweeper or try us for free today.

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