Posted by James Lee on 1st June 2010

Quick PPC Tip: Check Your Ad Ranks

This tip might sound obvious, but we here at ClickSweeper thought we’d offer it anyway: always verify your ad ranks. Not because Google and Yahoo are untrustworthy, but because the ranks they report to you are averages, not exact figures. If you want to know how your ads are really ranking at any given point, you’ll need to spend a few minutes checking on them yourself every so often.

Ads are most competitive before 12pm, so if you want to see how your ads are holding up against the stiffest competition, run these checks in the morning. Start by putting together a list of your most popular and expensive keywords (10 – 15 is usually a good number). Then you can either head directly to Google, or if you don’t want to affect your impression counts or need additional location targeting options, go to Google’s Ad Preview Tool instead. Set locations if you need to, then enter your keywords and see where (and if) they trigger your ad. (Hint: you can also get good ideas for new ad copy from your competitors’ ads.)

Checking your realtime ad rankings is a fast, easy way to make sure your ads are performing as expected and to catch any visibility issues before they become bigger. PPC management doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming to be effective!

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