Posted by James Lee on 21st June 2010

PPC Management Tips: Why Bother with Bing & Yahoo

With 70% or more of the total US search share, Google is the indisputed king of search engines. If you run PPC advertising on Google, you might well wonder why anyone would bother with ads on Yahoo and Bing. After all, Google PPC advertising is probably taking up most of your budget and time already, so why would you waste resources you don’t have on search engines with less traffic and lower visibility?

In fact, there are several good reasons to at least give Bing and Yahoo a try. (As usual, we recommend that you track your campaigns religiously and go by the numbers to see if they’re profitable for you.) Here’s why ClickSweeper recommends advertising on smaller search engines along with Google:

  • Lower click costs. Click for click, MSN and Yahoo PPC ads are dramatically less expensive. (The downside: there are also a lot fewer clicks.) Even with a low daily budget, you can try out Yahoo and Bing to see if they offer a decent ROI. You might be surprised!
  • Easy setup. You’ve already got campaigns, adgroups, and ads that you know work, so it’s quick and easy to import them to MSN and Yahoo. You put a lot of time and effort into developing those campaigns; why not see how far you can go with them? If you sign up for ClickSweeper, we’ll help you set up your new campaigns.
  • Target different audiences. While Google has many demographics targeting options, Bing offers two that Google doesn’t: gender and age. If you offer products or services that are geared towards a specific age or gender, Bing could be a good choice for you. Moreover, the people who search on Bing and Yahoo are often different from the ones searching on Google, making PPC advertising a relatively inexpensive way to increase your visibility.
  • Less competition. Your competitors may not be advertising on Yahoo or Bing, either. Take advantage of their negligence by enjoying lower cost clicks and fewer competing ads.

And here’s even more good news: our comprehensive PPC management software supports all three advertising vendors with automated keyword biddingad copy testing, easy navigation, and trend alerts from a single login. Running PPC advertising from all three ad platforms doesn’t have to be much more expensive than what you’re already investing into Google. Why not give it a try today? Let us know if you need any help getting started.

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