Posted by James Lee on 25th June 2010

PPC: More than Just Advertising

PPC advertising, despite its name, isn’t all about advertising. In fact, a focused and well-managed PPC campaign comes with multiple — and sometimes surprising — benefits for businesses. Here are our top reasons why PPC can be a great tool to grow your business.

1. Highly directed traffic. If you’re a small business, you really want your advertising dollars spent only on qualified, interested prospects. With PPC, your ads show up only when a search query includes your keywords.  A well-organized campaign with enough broad match keywords to attract a wide variety of relevant searches and enough negatives to keep out most of the irrelevant ones will translate to a high clickthrough rate and a low bounce rate.  Both are good things in terms of your quality score and cost per click!

2. Quick to set up, start, and pause. If you have a limited time offer or sell seasonal items that you want to drive traffic to for short periods of time, PPC campaigns can be started quickly and paused instantly. You can advertise for traffic just when you want it, say, during the weeks before a major holiday or during your sale.

3. SEO research: test keywords, headlines, etc. Because every click, conversion, and impression can be tracked in a PPC campaign, PPC is one of the best ways to test out keywords and headlines for your website content.  You can get a good idea of the attractiveness (click through rate) and profitability (CPV) of major keywords and even headlines before you start optimizing your website content.

4. Branding. We talked about the importance of branding in PPC pretty recently. In case you missed that entry, PPC is a good way to build brand recognition for relatively little, score some cheap, high quality keywords, and keep competitors from stealing your traffic.

Contrary to common belief, PPC management doesn’t have to be time consuming, either. ClickSweeper is PPC management software that takes most of the daily grind out of running successful PPC campaigns. Come see what we’re all about and get a free trial today!

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