Posted by James Lee on 30th June 2010

PPC Management: Building Trust on Your Landing Page

When it comes to PPC management, your landing page is a critical (if often neglected) component. The click is just the beginning; the landing page is what determines whether your visitors convert or bounce. Although there are many reasons why visitors bounce, one key issue is trust. If you can’t establish your trustworthiness in under ten seconds, your visitor is going to leave. Ouch.

So, what can you do to make your landing page emanate trustworthiness and honesty (besides, of course, being trustworthy and honest)? Take a look at our list of elements of strong landing pages and see if yours is up to par:

  • The headline. Must be very relevant to what your visitor expected to see when s/he clicked on your PPC ad. We’ve all been unpleasantly surprised by URLs that took us places we didn’t want to go. The first thing we did was click the back button. You want to leave no doubt in your visitor’s mind that your site is relevant and delivers what you advertised for.
  • The body text. Aim for short, focused, and attractive. It should expand upon the services or products in your ad. If your PPC campaign covers more than one service or product, you will need multiple landing pages targeted towards each. If you’re selling a product, definitely include specs and photos.
  • Credentials. If you’re registered with the BBB, offer a great return policy, have a verified checkout system, or can provide other proof of your trustworthiness, that information can be highly persuasive without taking up a lot of space.
  • Social proof. Third party reviews, testimonials or customer reviews, and case studies will also make your point far better than you can.
  • Privacy policy. Your visitors are understandably leery about giving out their personal information. For whatever information you ask for, promise to respect privacy — and live up to it. Keep forms and data fields short and simple, and don’t ask for more information than necessary.
  • Overall appearance. Your landing page should appear tidy, compact, and attractive, with a clear call to action. You know what a spammy site looks like. Make every effort to ensure yours doesn’t come off as one.

Ready to make some changes? Start by signing up for Google Analytics, if you haven’t done so already. You want to measure and track your bounce rates as you start making changes to your landing page. Measurability is everything in PPC. And if you can’t get beyond the daily workload involved in just running a PPC campaign, please check out our  PPC management software and get a free trial today.

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