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4 ClickSweeper Features that Make PPC Management Easier

Before we came up with ClickSweeper, we used vendor platforms to manage our PPC ads. And while we might confess to being a little biased about our PPC management software, we’ve found from our experience using both that managing PPC accounts is a lot less frustrating and time-consuming with ClickSweeper. There are some small but nifty features we’re especially fond of. Did you miss any of these?

1. Being able to see landing page URLs without navigation. One of the things we hated about Adwords was not being able to see the landing page URL without actually clicking on the ad. Landing pages are so important to the success of your campaign that you need to know which one you’re testing for which ad. Likewise, if you need to update a particular URL, you can identify the ads that share a URL at a glance. Believe us, when you have lots of ads, not having to click on each one is a major bonus.

2. Seeing your most clicked-on keywords in the ad editor window. You know when you’re faced with the blinking cursor in Google’s ad creator and you have absolutely no idea where to go with your new ad copy? ClickSweeper gives you a list of the top 10 most clicked on keywords from your adgroup right in the pop-up ad editor/creator. Incorporating keywords that are most likely to lead to clicks into your new ad copy becomes a cinch. 

3. Being able to view all adgroups that only  have one ad. It’s always a good idea to test two ad copies against each other for every adgroup. If you or ClickSweeper’s ad copy evaluator pauses underperforming ads, you’ll end up with some orphan ad copies. You can easily group them with a pulldown menu option and create new ad copies to test without any further navigation.

4. Cross-engine keyword addition. Our latest feature makes it faster and easier to add keywords to multiple accounts without multiple logins or navigation. Did you miss our blog entry on it? (Screenshots! Color!)

Don’t forget to check out a free 2 week trial of ClickSweeper. And if you’re already a user, we’d love to know what you think of these features and any others you’d like to see.

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