Posted by James Lee on 28th July 2010

New ClickSweeper Feature: Zero-Navigation Ad Copying

We here at ClickSweeper are inclined to judge PPC management software by how much time and money it actually saves us. We’re always looking for ways to make ClickSweeper smarter and more efficient, and this time we’ve added a feature that will make a real difference for your ad management:  zero-navigation ad copying. (And no copying and pasting, either.)

In fact, you can copy your Google ads over to multiple adgroups, campaigns, and vendors in a matter of minutes. Here’s how easy it is to use. Login to ClickSweeper and click the Ads tab. You’ll see three options in the right hand corner of every Google ad: edit, create, and copy. Click on copy. This editor will pop up:

ClickSweeper ad copying feature

Just pick your target vendor, adgroup, campaign, edit the ad if you like, and click save. The window will refresh and confirmation will appear in the Successfully Copied Ads box. You’ll be able to use the drop down menus to copy the same ad to other adgroups without navigating between different campaigns, adgroups, and vendors.

Try out this new ad copy feature and let us know what you think! And if you haven’t yet signed up for a free two week trial of ClickSweeper, we hope this exciting new feature will persuade you to give us a try.

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