Posted by James Lee on 11th August 2010

When PPC is not a good fit

Like all forms of advertising, pay per click has its limitations. We here at ClickSweeper have been in pay per click for a while, and we’ve seen all types of businesses try their hand at PPC. Some have succeeded, others have not. In the interest of making your online marketing efforts as successful as possible, we’re going to share with you some of the things we’ve seen repeatedly in unsuccessful PPC campaigns. Don’t let this be you!

1. Low budget, high cost clicks.  The days of super cheap clicks are mostly gone. In competitive fields, like insurance, web design, and legal help, you could end up paying $5 or more for a single click. If you’re on a very tight budget, say $10 a day for a total of $300 a month, your advertising money isn’t going to buy many clicks before running out. And if you only get a couple of clicks per day, the odds that any of them will convert are very low. Pair expensive clicks and a small budget with a low profit margin, and it becomes an especially deadly combination. Before you decide to jump into PPC, we always suggest researching keyword prices in your field and, if possible, getting an idea of cost per conversion as well. The best PPC management software in the world can’t reconcile a very low budget with a very high CPC.

2. No time to research or maintain. Even with ClickSweeper to take care of daily maintenance activities, for optimal performance you’ll need to set aside some time to research keywords, develop ads, and add negatives. Or hire an agency to manage it for you. But either way, your campaign is going to require some human time and investment.

3. No one is looking for what you’re selling. Maybe your product is too new to generate a large search volume. Or maybe your target audience isn’t online much. Or maybe people don’t know they need your product and need to be educated before they can start looking for it. Either way, search based advertising isn’t going to cut it for you. Research your product’s search volume, and remember: just because it’s been around longer doesn’t mean traditional marketing can’t be successful.

If none of these sound like you, PPC advertising could very well be a good fit for your business, as it is for many others. Don’t forget to sign up for a free trial of ClickSweeper!

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