Posted by James Lee on 1st September 2010

What’s wrong with my PPC campaign?

Maybe it’s not your PPC campaign at all. If you’ve carefully researched your keywords, compiled a comprehensive list of negatives, matched up the best landing pages to your tightly organized adgroups, written killer ad copy, and the conversions still aren’t coming in, it’s time to think about other factors that could be sabotaging your profitability. (If you hate criticism about your website, you’ll probably want to stop reading here.)

If you’re a web merchant, the problem could very well lie somewhere in the shopping experience you provide. Your landing page, shopping basket, site speed, and pricing could all be playing a role.  Before writing off PPC as a loss, check to make sure these components of your site aren’t the problem.

Landing page. For your first impression, your landing page should be attractive, non-spammy, targeted, and informative enough to make the call to action compelling. If you don’t have relevant landing pages per adgroup or category, it’s a great idea to set some up.

Shopping cart. Shoppers abandon carts (up to 70% of them, by some studies) for various reasons. Some are within your control. Do you require shoppers to register in order to get shipping prices or to checkout? Required registration, long forms, lots of required personal information, high shipping prices, and page glitches will make shoppers think twice about completing their transaction. After all, internet shoppers are always aware that they have other choices.

Pricing. The best run PPC campaign in the world won’t convert well if your pricing isn’t competitive. Your prospects almost certainly comparison shop to find a better deal, and awesome ad copy and landing page text is only going to do so much to distract from the bottom line. You don’t need to have the lowest prices if you offer other value (free shipping, security, more options, great return policies, famous customer service), but you do need to be competitive. Check around to keep your prices up to date.

Site navigability. If your site is slow, full of errors and re-directs, or otherwise difficult to get around on, your prospects aren’t going to stick around. Attention spans on the net are short. You have just a few seconds to make a good impression, and anything on your site that doesn’t do that needs to be fixed, replaced, or discarded.

Trustworthiness. Although this element isn’t confined to one page, it’s extremely important to establish early on and maintain. Your shopping basket should have security logos in prominent places and your privacy policy should be clear whenever you ask for information. Testimonials, memberships in third party industry associations, customer reviews, and warranties are all an excellent way to persuade your prospects that you’re worthy of their trust. (And it goes without saying: don’t even think about pop-ups and auto downloads!) 

PPC management software can’t help you evaluate trustworthiness. But ClickSweeper can make maintaining your PPC ads — while you’re checking for these issues and running the customer service end of things — a lot easier. Try us out for free!

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