Posted by James Lee on 22nd October 2010

How to Migrate Your Yahoo PPC Account to Bing

The end is nigh. Well, of Yahoo PPC, anyway. The date has been set: Saturday, October 30th, and all your Yahoo campaigns stop. If you want to continue your PPC advertising on a platform other than Google, you’ll need to migrate your Yahoo account over to Bing, stat.

The bad news is that we can’t do it for you. However, it’s really not hard. Here’s how to migrate your campaign, broken down into 7 easy steps.

  1.  Login to your Yahoo account and click ‘Get Started’ at the bottom of the main page.
  2. If you have created a MSN adCenter account, you can use the adCenter login.  If not, click ‘Sign up now’  and follow the steps.
  3. After your adCenter account has been created, it will automatically import your Yahoo campaigns into adCenter and check for compatibility.
  4. Click ‘Continue’ and fix any compatibility issues.  
  5. After campaign import is completed, click each campaign and verify campaign budget and set campaign targeting.
  6. If you track conversions from Yahoo, you’ll need to check the ‘Tracking conversions’ box and install the AdCenter tracking code on to the appropriate page.
  7. Finished! You will see the following message under the adCenter tab:

Continue to manage your account(s) on the Yahoo! Search Marketing until ad serving transitions to adCenter. You will be notified by email when this happens.

And as an extra FYI, the major compatibility issues between Yahoo and MSN:

  1. Geo-targeting, Network Distribution, Demographic Bidding, and Ad Scheduling will not be transitioned to adCenter. You need to set these up in your adCenter account.
  2. Ads with more than 25 characters in the title will be truncated and paused.
  3. Your campaign’s monthly budget will be based on the campaign daily spending times 30. If you did not previously set a campaign daily spending limit, then the campaign’s monthly budget will be set to the previous month’s spending, with a $5 minimum.
  4. Analytics will not automatically work after your account has been copied to adCenter. You may turn these on for each campaign within adCenter.

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