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Expert PPC Management: Increase Conversions and Safeguard CPA

When it comes to pay per click campaigns (PPC), everyone wants the same thing: increase sales/leads but moderate their cost per acquisition (CPA). There are various strategies out there that attempt to satisfy these criteria. All center around the adage: test adcopy and landing pages to focus your clicks, and expand your keyword list to drive in more possible sales.

However, in the kind of harsh competition that more and more of us find ourselves in, we need a specific plan that always works – as long as we have the time and energy to enact it. Over the past year, more and more entrepreneurial spirits came to us with that simple task: grow conversions, safeguard CPA. Some were big corporations with hundreds of thousands of dollars they had to spare on testing to find the magic mix, but others were people with great ideas that needed PPC to get them off the ground.

Was there common ground between all of the clients we encountered? We were determined that the answer was yes. After a few failures and more than a few attempts playing with our own test campaigns, we discovered our trick to PPC management: segregating keywords into high risk and low risk, and then turning the high risk keywords into higher performing low risk ones. At the end of 2010, we saw our results. Dramatic increases in our clients’ holiday sales (including one dramatic 30% increase over the previous year) and just the kind of CPA that would make our mothers proud.

For an introduction to this method, please check out the attached video. Our very own Chris Moberg describes how it can effectively increase conversions while protecting CPA despite rising competition and consumer intolerance in a brief recorded webinar. Enjoy.

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