Posted by James Lee on 28th January 2011

PPC Management Round-up 1/28

This week’s PPC round-up includes a mixture of news items and advice. The world of PPC management changes so quickly — miss one week, and you’ll miss a lot. (Case in point: as of this week, all PPC domain URLs are now shown in lowercase.)

Let’s start with an overview of terrible Google PPC ads and how to avoid making the same mistakes by Mona Elesseily over at Search Engine Land. She looks at the irrelevant, confusing, misspelled, and passive. Some of these errors are extremely easy to make. If you’re using dynamic keyword insertion, pay attention! Even Amazon has fallen prey to some of these doozies before.

Next, some surprising results from actual PPC tests done over at Search Advisory. Stacy Williams looks at custom landing pages vs. custom microsites, Facebook vs. search engine PPC, online vs. phone leads and concludes: testing is really essential to finding out if something will work for your business. Best practices don’t necessarily translate into the highest profits for everyone, so get out there and start testing.

And a quick news brief from the ever-reliable Search Engine Land: Pamela Parker reports that PPC on LinkedIn has finally become a reality. Take a look to see what the new self-service advertising platform is all about.

Finally, an article that gets into something that the PPC community doesn’t spend enough time on: pre-campaign research. The amount you do before ever running a PPC ad determines a lot about your resulting performance. Here, John Hossack from VKI Studios looks at how to use Google Analytics to identify strong landing pages, fix product or service pages with high bounce rates, and analyze visitor behavior.  In short, this post, one of a series, shows you how to design your PPC campaign around your existing strengths. Sounds like a good idea to me.

And as always, if you’re ready to take some of the pain out of PPC advertising, check out a free trial of ClickSweeper PPC management software.

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