Posted by James Lee on 24th January 2011

Adwords Changes: Lowercase Only URLs

Here’s a quick head’s up: ¬†Adwords has begun to enforce its new policy of lowercase only URL domains. So if your ad used capital letters in the display URL, such as:

it will now be displayed as

However, you’ll still be able to capitalize the first letter of a subdirectory, e.g.


Why the change? The official Adwords blog explains that the standardized URLs it has been testing have improved many user metrics, including clickthrough rate. One theory is that lowercase URLs will make ads occupying the space above the organic results look even more like organic results. However, other advertisers are far from thrilled with the change. For one thing, capitalizing the first letter of words in your URL makes it easier to read at a glance. For another, there are cases in which capitals prevent undesirable confusion. As one astute reader at SEO Round Table pointed out, there’s a whole world of difference between and Duly noted.

What this means for you: You don’t need to make any changes to your ads; any capitalized URLs in your existing ad copy will be automatically displayed with lowercase letters. However, if you’ve been testing ad copies with uppercase/lowercase display URLs — well, that’s one less thing to test. Now get out there and test some new offers or a great new call to action.

ClickSweeper’s ad editor will not be affected by these changes. You’ll still be able to use it to copy ads between adgroups, campaigns, and vendors. The only difference is that all URLs will be shown in accordance with Google’s new lowercase rule.

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