Posted by James Lee on 4th February 2011

PPC Management Round-up 2/4

Happy Friday! This week’s PPC article round-up includes some interesting new studies on Google and Bing, a great collection of videos for the PPC neophyte, and some major news on the ever-changing Google ad format front. All good stuff to stay ahead of. Have at it.

First, a study from Danny Goodwin from Search Engine Watch that shows that  top ad spots on Google are more valuable than on Bing. Surprising new eye-tracking studies show that user behavior between platforms is not equal.  Find out why the top ad positions on Google are worth spending a little more for.

Next, a look at mobile advertising and Google’s click-to-call feature. Greg Sterling from Search Engine Land reports that, a year after the feature’s introduction, even Google is surprised by click-to-call’s success. Fact: mobile users access the web differently than computer users. Oh, and we’re lazy, and click-to-call allows us to get what we want with minimal effort.

Tom Demers over at the Wordstream blog shows up again in our PPC round-up with a selection of essential PPC help videos, including the most useful Google training videos that explain the mysteries behind the bidding system, display advertising, and more. Although you may have seen some of these before, Tom’s collection of videos is a great one-stop resource that PPC initiates should bookmark at once. Seriously? It’s way better than Google’s Adwords training center.

And finally, some big news for PPC advertisers about the way their ads will be displayed on Google. Joanna Lord reports that Google has started rolling out longer ad titles. Some top position ads will now be shown with their first line description as the title. If you weren’t able to cram in everything you needed to in 25 characters, you might just have 35 to play with. Read on for how to increase your odds.

Coming up next week: an article to help you choose the right PPC software for your needs (no…we won’t be exclusively pitching ClickSweeper) and several other PPC goodies. Enjoy!

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