Posted by James Lee on 11th February 2011

PPC Management Round-up 2/11

Welcome to the weekly PPC round-up! This week brings some excellent summaries of recent Google changes to ad format and appearance, surprising advice on negative keywords, analysis of user behavior with ad extensions, and information for advertisers interested in expanding their international reach. Does that sound like you? Read on.

Bryan from PPC Hero walks us through all the changes Google has made lately to the way your ads show up, from display URLs to this week’s  ad title changes. He has some good advice for adapting ad copy strategies to the new format. Things in the PPC world are changing quickly. Don’t let your ad copy be left behind!

Chad Summerhill offers some interesting advice on adding your brand keywords as negatives on non-brand campaigns or adgroups. Why? Because showing the wrong ad for your brand name lowers click through rates and costs money, whereas showing the branded ad for a branded search…well, you get the idea. What do you think? Have you tried this strategy?  Follow Chad on Twitter @chadsummerhill.

Joy Barberio at Rimm Kaufman gives us an illustrated tour of how Google’s ads have changed in appearance over the years, from yellow backgrounds to purple, and back again to yellow. The general trend: ads are starting to look more and more like…organic search results. Oh, Google.

Jason Tabeling at Search Engine Watch takes a look at some of the ad extensions Google has been testing (videos, products, map directions) and shows us how to measure these ‘free clicks.’ He also shares his findings on user ad interaction, CTR, and conversions. Fascinating stuff, Jason! Ad extensions are the PPC of the future. Jason is on Twitter @jtabeling.

And finally, Andy Kruger over at Search Engine Land provides a list of 10 alternative search engines to look into for international PPC advertising. If you’ve been thinking about extending your net, international PPC on search engines that, in their respective countries, are often more popular than Google, is a good idea. Bet you won’t have heard of many of these search engines. Check out Andy’s Twitter profile @andyatkinskruge.

That’s it for this week! Did you miss our article earlier this week on 6 tough questions to ask a PPC software vendor? Throw these at them and watch them cringe.

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