Posted by James Lee on 16th February 2011

ClickSweeper Update: Shiny New Reporting System

It was time. This week we gave the old reporting system the boot and replaced it with a new system that combines flexibility, usefulness, and power. Awesomeness, even.   Meet the new ClickSweeper report: it’s packed with the data features you’ve asked for, an intuitive layout, and just about every customization we could think of.

Here’s a screenshot of just a few of the options you can choose


Just what can you do in our new reporting center?

  1. Choose how to view your account trends: weekly (last 4 weeks), or monthly (last three months). Easy to read line graphs show clicks, spending, cost per click, cost per conversion, revenue, and ROAS trends.
  2. Get the scoop on your campaign at a glance with pie charts that compare spending and conversions between campaigns, plus bar graphs with CPV and ROAS data.
  3. Customize your data display with account, campaign, and keyword summaries.
  4. Display or hide data columns (spend, CPC, conversion, CPV, revenue, ROAS) so you see only the information that matters to your business.
  5. Add markup or % markup to your data.
  6. Run and generate reports instantly or schedule them to recur.
  7. View and save reports as HTML or PDF files.
  8. Add review comments to reports sent to clients or colleagues.
  9. Access previously run reports under ‘My Reports.’

Check it out for yourself when you sign up for a free 2 week trial of our award winning PPC management software!

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