Posted by James Lee on 25th February 2011

PPC Management Weekly Roundup 2/25

Brr! It’s cold in the Bay Area this Friday (rumors of sea level snow have been circulating this whole week), but the world of PPC marches gamely onward. We have a juicy PPC management round-up for you this week with articles about mobile PPC, testing, landing pages, and more. Read on and take action!

First, an article from Siddharth Shah on Search Engine Land on how market volatility can lead to inconclusive test results. We’ve all been in this boat. Did the changes we made really have any impact? What did we learn, if anything? ┬áBefore you spend your time and money testing, you need to calculate the minimum impact your test would need to have to be measurable.

If that’s a little heavy for you, how about some good tips on getting started with mobile marketing? Marketing Insider Daily offers the neophyte mobile advertiser sound advice for finding mobile friendly keywords, choosing the right settings, and optimizing ads and landing pages for mobile devices. It’s never too early to test the waters of an interface that shows every sign of being the next big thing for advertising.

Tom Demers over at Search Engine Journal offers us another fine article on a common PPC problem: a PPC campaign that just isn’t driving any traffic. He first helps us to diagnose the issue — whether your bids are too low, your keywords are too restrictive, or your quality score is in the gutter — and gives us practical next step solutions. Great if you’re relatively new to PPC and are scratching your head as to why the traffic isn’t pouring in already.

Next, we really like Heather Schwartz’s collection of 4 critical PPC maintenance tasks and how to streamline them. Not only do we highly recommend these tasks (going through search queries to add negatives and new keywords, updating your opportunities tab, using contextual targeting tool), but we also like the way Heather shows how quick it can be to do all of them, regularly.

Finally, Ryan Woolley at Search Engine Watch shows us why landing page testing is so important for our bottom line. Even a half-percentage increase can have a major effect over several months. He walks us through setting up A/B landing page tests using Google’s website optimizer with plenty of screen shots and clear instructions. Thanks, Ryan!

And that’s it for this week! As always, if you’re looking for PPC management software to automate a good chunk of your daily tasks, swing by to get a free two week trial of ClickSweeper. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for more PPC news.

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