Posted by James Lee on 2nd March 2011

PPC Management Tools: Contextual Targeting

Well, Google, we have to give it to you: sometimes you come up with really awesome tools. Our newest favorite is the contextual targeting tool, located under the Reporting and Tools tab. We like it because it provides keyword suggestions that are already grouped together in proto-adgroups. For example, type in ‘composting’ and the tool will come up with possible adgroups and keywords that have to do with composting. Ostensibly the tool is designed for the display network, but there’s no reason why its suggestions couldn’t work equally well for search. Take a look!

contextual targeting

If a suggested adgroup has enough sub-adgroups, you can expand it by mousing over the end of the adgroup name. Pretty cool, right? Contextual targeting has huge potential to streamline your initial keyword research as well as help you add new keywords, adgroups, and negatives once your campaign is under way. We predict that it will soon become one of your go-to tools in ppc management.

The contextual targeting tool is still in beta, but we’ve had only one issue with it: you can’t directly import new adgroups and keywords. Instead, you’ll need to export your results to the desktop editor and import from there. Odds are good they’ll be changing that as they continue developing the tool.

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