Posted by James Lee on 11th March 2011

PPC Management Weekly Round-up 3/11

Good morning, and welcome to this week’s round-up of interesting, informative, or just plain good to know information about the PPC world. There’s a little news about MSN AdCenter, a common Adwords mistake to avoid, legal news on trademarks in PPC ads, and the latest eyetracking report. Go get ’em!

First off, a nice little piece from Dan Greenbaum over at Search Engine Journal on a common Adwords mistake: not making sure the offer in your ad is in sync with the offer on your site. Does your ad appeal to browsers, yet take them to a landing page for buyers? It could be affecting your conversion rate. Good thing it doesn’t take much effort to sync up your offers.

Next, Pamela Parker of Search Engine Land reports that MSN AdCenter will soon be rolling out its own version of Google’s quality score for keywords. Unlike Google, Microsoft claims that scores will not directly influence how ads are ranked, but we think they might be kind of kidding about that. Start tightening up things now.

And some news from the legal front: trademarks have always been a dicey issue in PPC ads. Advertisers should be happy to know that a California federal appeals court ruled that buying ads based on a competitor’s trademarked name does not violate trademark law. So while your quality scores for competitor’s keywords are still going to be low, at least you’re in the legal clear now. Good to know!

And finally, the newest eyetracking study confirms what we already knew: most users are focused on organic rather than paid search results. Many ignore the ads or spend very little time looking at them. (Don’t let that discourage you too much: Google still makes a major chunk of its income from clicks on ads.) What does this mean for advertisers? Well, to start with, you have even less time and opportunity to attract a user’s attention than you thought. Get back to work on that ad copy! And if you’re not doing SEO to bring up your website in the organic results, that should be your next priority.

Hope you found this week’s articles handy. Don’t forget to visit us for a free trial of our popular PPC management software!

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