Posted by James Lee on 18th March 2011

PPC Roundup for 3/18

Welcome to this week’s best-of-the-crop PPC management articles! Here’s the latest of what’s new in the pay per click world regarding ads, landing pages, and enterprise PPC.

Mike Fleming over at Search Engine Guide shows us how to look at our ad copy tests by time segment to get the real scoop on how our ads are performing. Did one ad have a slow start and then pick up? You’ll never be able to tell if you look just at weekly numbers. Make smarter and more informed choices about your ads by comparing them within the same time period.

Over at Adweek, Mike Shields reports that Facebook ad performance is, well, abysmal. The average clickthrough rate for 2010 was just .051%, which by comparison makes search engine PPC look pretty enticing. Interest based ads also begin to burn out quickly, within three to five days, making it more that much more time intensive to run an optimally updated campaign. However, the article doesn’t touch on the real metric of profitability, cost per conversion. We recommend you try it out for yourself to see if Facebook advertising is a good venue for your business. 

What is it about infographics that makes all types of information seem more appealing? We found this one from The Wall on how marketers can use PPC to boost business and liked the way it broke up components of good and bad landing pages in an easy graphic format. Its primary suggestion of targeted, specific landing pages for a specific offer is an oldie but goodie.

Finally, an article on something we don’t see as often: in-house PPC for big companies.  David Roth over at Search Engine Land covers some of his session at SMX, in case you weren’t able to attend in person. Using his own experience, he looks at four major facets: planning, monthly forecasting, budget mobility, and optimization. Some great advice here!

That’s it for this round-up. Don’t forget, ClickSweeper offers free trials of award winning PPC management software. Won’t you give us a try this week?

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