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Posted by James Lee on 1st April 2011

PPC Weekly Roundup 4/1

We figured that you’re probably already tired of lame April Fool’s Day jokes by now, so no jokes, just a great lineup of the freshest and hottest PPC news in the industry. Big changes lie ahead for all of us — thanks for keeping us on our toes, Google! Whatever else it is, the world of PPC is never boring. Read on for the best PPC management articles we spotted this week.

We can always count on Tom Demers to come up with cutting edge PPC articles. This one, over at the Wordstream blog, is on seller star ratings and how reviews impact your Adwords account. As search and even ads become more social (more on this in a sec), understanding new ad options and making good decisions about whether to adopt them will be crucial for PPC advertisers. Thanks, Tom!

Next, from Bethany Bey at PPC Hero, an informative post on how to pass MSN’s adExcellence exam. Good news: it’s not as bad as the Google exam (phew!) and focuses on basics and general best practices. But you’ll still want to spend some time studying for it. With a 96% score under her belt, Bethany gives us the scoop on the exam, how to study for it, and why we should take it.

After you’re finished with that, you might want to move on to a really useful step-by-step article about how to test low volume ad copy over at the Certified Knowledge blog. Brad Geddes (you might know him from his excellent Search Engine Land articles) offers us a video that addresses a problem all of us have faced: how to test low volume ad copy. Testing is essential, but how can we do it when we don’t have much search volume? Check out Brad’s detailed tutorial.

And finally, the big news from Google: searchers will now be able to +1 (i.e. ‘like’) ads, pages, sites, products, etc.) they like and recommend them to their contacts. Whoa. That’s big. We’re not totally sure how this is going to affect your ad performance yet, but we’re about to find out. The PPC community is already concerned about ‘gaming’ the system. We’d like to see how the dice fall and then use the opt out option if we need to. What are your thoughts on the new +1 feature?

That just about wraps it up for this week. Don’t forget to sign up for your free trial of ClickSweeper PPC management software — why work harder than you have to for PPC success?

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