Posted by James Lee on 8th April 2011

Weekly PPC Round-up 4/8

April’s off to an interesting start for the PPC world. This week we have news — again — from Google on changes to Adwords, a humorous take on beating your competitors, and some good old strategizing to help you manage your PPC accounts. Have at it!

Matt Van Wagner over at Search Engine Land starts us off with a thoughtful and funny look at how to stay ahead of your hungriest PPC competitors. He gives us the low down on short term advantages (don’t count on them to last), the difference between tactical changes (that is, day to day fiddling) and strategic improvements, and why having a better process is truly crucial to beating the competition.

Next, PPC Hero reports on some official Google news: the position preference feature is getting axed early next month, which should be enough time for you to switch to a different feature. (Or you could try ClickSweeper’s rank based bidding, which doesn’t have the weird disappearing ads thing that you might have seen with position preference.)

Our friend and PPC champion Tom Demers has a new article out at the Wordstream blog on changes to Google’s campaign experiments, how they make it easier to run tests, and the one thing to watch out for (thoughtfully highlighted in bold). Wise words of caution, Tom.

And finally, from The PPC Blog, a thoughtful overview of the concepts that underpin PPC strategy. Peter D. hones in on what state of mind your visitor is coming from, and how you can accommodate that state to make a sale. Much of it will be familiar if you’ve been doing PPC, but it might just offer the reminders you need to spring clean your campaigns.

That’s it for this week! We’ll be back next week with more of the best new PPC articles we’ve spotted. Until then, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, or get a free trial of our award winning PPC management software.

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