Posted by James Lee on 15th April 2011

Weekly PPC Round-up 4/15

Welcome to this week’s cream-of-the-crop PPC management articles. Is it us, or does it get harder to narrow them down every week? We have some great articles lined up for you on product listing ads (a.k.a. PLAs), AdCenter’s new quality score-type-thing, how to ramp down (or up) spend, and more. Read on!

Shawn Livengood over at PPC Without Pity starts things off with an article on how to succeed at in-house PPC. If you’ve only managed multiple accounts PPC at an agency before, in-house PPC is a whole new creature — sometimes in very good ways. Shawn takes us through the major differences, offers great pointers, and leaves us with the always valuable advice: don’t get complacent.

Next, George Michie, Matthew Mierzejewski, and Mia Brennan take a long, hard look at managing PLAs. You know, the shiny picture ads above the PPC text ads in the right column. If you didn’t jump on this opportunity when it first became available to advertisers, you might want to think about it soon. Competition’s already heated up. Here are some tips for setting up, running, and monitoring PLAs. 

Wondering how Google Instant has affected PPC results? Find out now on the ever helpful PPC Hero.

As MSN AdCenter develops, it heads off into innovative new direction…well, OK. Not really. Joseph Kerschbaum over at Search Engine Watch probes the new MSN quality score, which looks so much like the Google quality score we know and love. (Or hate.) The major difference is that MSN claims that your quality score will not affect your ad rank or CPC. We’ll see…

And finally, a tidy little primer from Melissa Mackey at Searching Beyond the Paid on how to ramp up — or down — your PPC spend. Melissa offers some tried-and-true tactics for each, going far beyond simply changing your daily budget. Thanks, Melissa!

That’s it for this week, but we’ll be back next week with the most useful and interesting of PPC news around the web. (If you’re done reading and want to get managing, may we recommend a free trial of ClickSweeper PPC management software?) And if you’ve written a terrific PPC management article, send it our way by leaving a comment!

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