Posted by James Lee on 29th April 2011

PPC weekly roundup 4/29

Welcome to this week’s weekly PPC management round-up. Can you believe it’s almost May? This year has brought a lot of changes to the PPC world already, and we bet Google has some more tricks up its sleeve. No surprises this week, though. Just some good, need-to-know info on quality score, building lifetime customer value in PPC, and more. Read on!

To start us off, a resource for PPC ads that we think you’ll want to bookmark. Like, now. Alex Cohen at ClickEquations has compiled the ultimate list of PPC ad testing resources, with fantastic (and even canonical) articles on the basics, advanced strategies, testing ideas, and more. Whew. Tons of really great stuff here. Whatever your current strategy, these articles will help you develop a better one.

Next, an article from PPC Hero on what your visible quality score isn’t telling you. (You didn’t think Google would really give you the full picture, did you?) Quality score is more complex than it seems, and there’s more than one affecting your account. Learn about the types of quality (including competing ad copies and geographic performance)  you need to monitor for yourself and stay on top of the quality score game.

We love Brad Geddes at Certified Knowledge. His PPC posts at Search Engine Land are consistently thoughtful, well-researched, and extremely useful. This week, Brad takes on bounce rates and when and how they matter to your PPC campaign. (Hint: keep the bottom line in sight.)

Next, a slightly off the beaten track article at PPC Blog on what comes after the sale. Geordie Carswell offers some great suggestions to build lifetime customer value in order to maximize your investment in PPC. It’s common sense that your cost per conversion goes down drastically if a customer keeps coming back. Start courting those customers in all the right ways.

Finally, a neat little case study on how much difference ad copy can make from the Boost CTR blog. A snappy title, an offer that the customer wants to hear, and boom, 115% improvement. Read the details and learn how to tighten up your ad copy.

That wraps it up for this week. Have you tried our award winning PPC management software yet? Get a free two week trial now!

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