Posted by James Lee on 6th May 2011

Weekly PPC Round-up 5/6

Welcome back for this week’s PPC management round-up. We’ve got a good mix of articles for you today, including some in-depth technical ones on using Excel for PPC and lowering CPA, and some more general interest ones on different Google bid strategies, negatives, and more. Read on for the best of this week’s PPC articles!

To start things off, John Lee at Search Engine Watch looks at Google bid strategies (max CPC, enhanced CPC, and conversion optimizer) and how to transition from one to another and why. He walks us through the basics, starting with the default max CPC setting, and shows us what to watch out for when switching to a different strategy.

Next, Chad Summerhill at PPC Summit offers a detailed tutorial on using Excel formulas for PPC. If you haven’t figured out how to turn Google Adwords Editor and Excel into a powerful duo, it’s time to start moving beyond VLOOKUP.

Next, Tom Demers over at Wordstream gives us five ways to lower CPA. No, not your tax person — your cost per action. We love Tom’s straightforward approach and his emphasis on the bottom line, which businesses overlook with surprising frequency.

Do you have a systematic method of adding negative keywords? If not, it’s worth the time to develop one. Geordie Carswell at PPC Blog offers some of his favorite research tools and strategies for adding negatives, along with some basic advice. Negatives are still a great way to improve the quality of your clicks.

Finally, a post about PPC…and bananas. George Michie at Rimm-Kaufman Group offers a great example of how averages lie and why paying more for top positions doesn’t make financial sense. ┬áRead up on the details — great charts and clear explanations — on the blog.

And that wraps it up for this week.  Check out ClickSweeper PPC management software for an easy, affordable management solution. Sign up for a free trial today!

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