Posted by Chris on 25th May 2011

5 Ways to Guard Against The Keyword Monster

Over the past few days, here at ClickSweeper, the keyword monster has raised its ugly head. What is the keyword monster, you might ask? Well, it is a large group of 0 impression and/or 0 click keywords that sucks the quality score life out of campaigns.

Back in PPC’s infancy, it was popular for managers to store thousands and even millions of keywords in their Google campaigns. Large retailers still continue this process now because of the obscurity of product id numbers and descriptions that have low search volume but also require their attention. However, for the rest of us, the keyword monster can make management painful and quality score dreadful especially if there are 0 click (but lots of impression) keywords making up segments of your campaign.

Therefore, here are 5 ways to guard against this pesky foe:

1. Regularly clean your keywords.

Haven’t seen a click in over 90 days (conservative)? You should start asking questions about these keywords.

2. Structure AdGroups and Campaigns Strictly

Tight AdGroups and campaigns can make assessing keyword deficiencies simple. Furthermore, any type of strange quality score issue that occurs will be localized rather than widespread.

3. Use Smart Keyword Research

Is your vice buying keyword lists? If so, that’s okay. Just make sure to clean it up before you enact it across all of your adgroups.

4. Limit your long tail keywords to 3 Word Length

Pretty intuitive. You don’t need to write 10 words long for a keyword. At that point, not only have you confused yourself, but maybe Google as well.

5. Pace Yourself

Keyword expansion is a hard game to play. So rather than adding thousands in a day, add a few and make sure that they work for you until moving forward.

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