Posted by James Lee on 23rd November 2009

Customized Ad Copy Evaluation. (Released on Jun. 09)

Varazo is a SEM Integration Company that integrates lead quality and our own source tracking system with PPC management to apply lead quality information as conversion score and optimize keyword bidding for campaign optimization. We do this using our two own developed Lead Management & Analytics and PPC Management software; ConversionSweeper and ClickSweeper.

We’re always asking how we can make ClickSweeper more profitable for you, and this is our latest answer: a unique, customizable ad copy evaluation tool. ClickSweeper’s new feature looks at your ads’ actual profitability (not clickthrough rate), and suspends the least successful ad in each adgroup. Our ad evaluation feature is highly customizable: simply click on the Ads Tab and then on Ad Configuration to adjust the evaluation criteria. Additionally, ClickSweeper makes it easy to see paused ads, add copy to adgroups with only one ad copy, and write more effective ad copy in the ad editor, which helpfully includes a list of the adgroup’s most clicked on keywords. Remember, strong ads are an important factor in the success of your campaigns!

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