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Keyword Matching Type Optimization

Conversion based keyword bidding and ROI optimizer can be excellent approaches for automating bid price adjustment in PPC management.  These strategies for automating bid price adjustments include sophisticated algorithms to handle many different user scenarios as well as optimize for both the number of conversions and the cost per conversion.

However, when conversion based keyword bidding evaluates keyword performance and identifies keywords that do not meet conversion goal, their bid price would be automatically adjusted downward which is likely to result in few to no clicks.  And, this can result in loss of conversion opportunity which is undesired effect.  To address this scenario, ClickSweeper has just added a new feature, Keyword Matching Type Optimization. With our new keyword optimization feature, the under-performing keyword will be given a new opportunity with the addition of the keyword with different matching type.

Let me illustrate with an example. Let’s assume you run a business that sells tennis shoes. You submit ‘tennis shoes’ as a keyword.  However, this keyword is a broad matching type since this keyword matches the search string of ‘tennis’, ‘shoes’, running shoes’, and ‘tennis sneakers’. Your goal for this keyword was $20 cost/sale. But, it turns out the actual cost per sale is $40 because the broad matching search strings listed above will trigger Google paid ads.  Since the $40 cost/sale does not meet your cost/conversion goal, ClickSweeper penalizes this keyword adjusting the bid price downward.  Once this keyword is demoted, click count will be down drastically.

Under the example described above, our new Keyword Matching Type Optimization feature will automatically add a highly targeted matching type (phrase matching).  With new keyword addition, your ad would only be triggered when the entire phrase ‘tennis shoes’ becomes part of the overall search string. This in turn will improve conversion performance of the keyword and prevent it from losing conversion opportunity.

ClickSweeper has 5 distinct keyword bidding options to optimize bid price.  Now, with the introduction of Keyword Matching Type, ClickSweeper maintains your PPC campaign keyword integrity by automatically adding highly targeted matching type keywords to poor performing keywords preventing conversion count drop.

If you plan on using conversion or ROI based bidding, protect your keywords with ClickSweeper’s keyword optimization feature.

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