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3 keys to improved PPC profitability

Do you manage sponsored search ads but find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest tools and trends? Are you spending hours and hours poring over data to improve conversion rates only to see minimal improvements? If you answered yes, read below to find our tips on how you can improve PPC performance by focusing your efforts to optimize keywords, streamline bid management and improve your quality score.

Optimize keywords

With Google AdWords’ keyword research tool, generating a list of relevant keywords is now as easy as the click of a button. While generating a long list of potential keywords is a good start, you can’t stop there. The list must be optimized in order to have a positive impact on conversions and avoid wasting campaign money on poor performing keywords. In order to improve performance it is necessary to actively purge or demote unsuccessful keywords, optimize keyword matching type and add in negative keywords in order to eliminate unwanted search strings and more closely target your keywords.

Streamline keyword bid management

One task that never goes away from PPC management is keyword bid management. Since your business competes with others to win more views at the lowest cost, keyword bid management must be done aggressively and consistently.  This task is as dynamic as any other financial analysis, since there are many factors that determine ad visibility, the cost of a click and the cost of a conversion.  Effective keyword bid management can be complex and time consuming. However, since keyword bid management is based on mathematical calculations where past performance is a good predictor of future performance, it is well suited to automated tools. While Google AdWords offers free bid management features, we believe these are inadequate as they limit your PPC intelligence due to Google’s black box approach.  For success in keyword bidding, it is important to be able to analyze all of the potential variables that impact conversions including those provided by conversion tracking and web Analytics. 

Improve quality score

A high quality score means your bid price can be lower than your competitor for the same position. With a high quality score you can lower the cost of obtaining a lead and improve ROI.  Increase your quality score through regular and structured ad copy review and testing. We think it will be well worth it.

Need more help?

There are a number of PPC management software options available today. Advances in PPC management software are occurring rapidly and many now provide automation of tasks that previously had to be performed manually, saving you time and improving campaign performance. For example, keyword matching type optimization is a new feature introduced recently by ClickSweeper.   For advertisers with websites that are rich in content, ClickSweeper also offers keyword bidding based on website Analytics data.  If you are tired of spinning your wheels trying to generate an improvement in conversions, then PPC management software could be the help you are looking for. Contact us for a demo or Free trial today.

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