Posted by James Lee on 9th December 2009

ClickSweeper Outperforms More Expensive Software

SilverscopeSilverscope Promotion’s recent review of five major PPC management software confirmed what we’ve been saying for years: ClickSweeper gets the job done for less. Take a look at their study! Most of our competitors charge at least $1000 a month for the same pay per click features and management that we offer from $50 a month.

In this case, the old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ just doesn’t hold up. ClickSweeper has recently added content network conversion tracking to its list of features and is working on support for Bing search ads to round out its offerings, including ad copy testing, smart automated bidding, and more. Add personalized customer service to the mix, and you’ve got a powerful PPC tool at a bargain price. Even if you have the budget to spend $1000 a month on your pay per click ads, why spend that much unless you have to?

Read Silverscope’s PPC software review. Then try us for free today.

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