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Posted by James on 23rd May 2013

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The-Charakter von Geschichte: historische VergangenheitVererbung und der Wahl The type von Fortschritt ist sicherlich ein Art Wissenschaft zerebraler Beitrage, community. Tatsachlich, der Gedanke der Weiterentwicklung als die essential kontrollierte Beitrage dieses 19th und 20th Alter (Mayr, 2001). Diese insightful essay gebracht Informationen von Experten zu begreifen besser geeignet der nature von Entwicklung:, und track record.Options und Vererbung Diskussion Es gibt keine viel besser Mann oder Madchen zu geben the-Charakter von Fortschritt als Darwin sich selbst, mit seine Begriffe von seinem 1859 publication, Entlang der Quelle Sorten. In dieser Art Verteilung, Darwin stellt der standard Idee die Menschen innen Bevolkerung von Organismen, wie Sie vielleicht wissen in den Markt heute, vererbbar Abweichungen. Er auch liefert die Idee innerhalb die Bewohner, mehr Organismen geholt in diese Welt als aktiven tips und Ihre Umstande unterstutzen kann. Dieser situation Andenken jemand Organismen mit Merkmale bieten Sie a taktische Gewinn, und damit die chance, replizieren. Darwins Theorie Entwicklung: Erbschafts-und range; schlagt zwei solutions, gefuhrt Schwierigkeit Leben Mikroorganismen entsprechend.

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Vor Allem, finden Sie zufallig Modifikationen die genetische make-up personlichen Mikroorganismen. Zweitens, es ist Kontakt wahlerisch Anforderungen oder Krafte einfach einige Personen durch die Einbeziehung der Varianten durch und replizieren. Continue Reading

Posted by admin on 21st May 2013

Comprehensive Rank based Management Platform

ClickSweeper has just released an enhancement to its rank based bidding feature. With this latest update, users can now group keywords within a campaign into categories based on their performance. This new rank based bidding feature allows you to create up to 3 keyword performance based categories using criteria you establish. Once the categories are defined users can then assign a separate rank position with a max bid to each category.

Users choose from the following performance criteria based on what is most appropriate for each keyword category;

  • conversion count
  • cost per conversion
  • quality score
  • click through rate

A daily review of the rule determines the target rank of the keyword and bid adjustment that achieves the target rank. Additionally, users can set the max bid applicable to each rule, giving greater control over bidding and budgets.

With this latest enhancement for rule based and rank driven bidding, ClickSweeper provides users even greater flexibility and control over their account management.

Posted by admin on 1st March 2013

How to keep Google Product Listing Ads profitable

Google product listing ad proved its effectiveness already ever since it was available free as organic search result in the past.  However, since it becomes a paid service, there is a doubt whether it still is a cost effective service over other sponsored Google services.  The result is that it still is very cost effective solution and it becomes one of Google’s popular ad channels.

However, since it is paid service, there is no guarantee that this ad gives you a positive return.  Thus, SEM manager needs to dig deeper on how to optimize ad performance and if possible, manages bid by cost per conversion or ROI.  Because of this goal, more advertisers start tracking ad performance by product level instead of ad summary of all products.  Once this ad is managed by product level, advertisers also need to manage bid by product level.  Thus, we thought it is a good idea to show advertisers how to turn product ad summary into lines of product based ad and manage product level bidding by pay per click bidding software.

To list your product image on, you must have a Google Merchant account with a linked Google AdWords account. Here is how to link your AdWords account to your Merchants account.

  1. Log in Google Merchants account
  2. From the dashboard screen, click ‘Settings’ link on the left pane.
  3. Click ‘AdWords’ link and enter your AdWords customer ID.

Once you have your Google Merchant Center and Google AdWords accounts linked to it, follow these steps to create a new campaign (stand-alone) to run your Product Listing Ads and manage bidding by product level.

  1. Create a ‘Search Network only’ campaign from your AdWords account.
  2. From campaign setup screen, choose ‘Product listing ads’ for Campaign Type.
  3. Set ‘Default bid’ and Budget, and click ‘Save and continue’ button to set up AdGroup.
  4. Set AdGroup name and fill out optional ‘Promotion’ field. From ‘Auto targets’ section, uncheck ‘All products’ option and click ‘Save AdGroup’ button. By default (if ‘All products’ is checked), Google would create an AdGroup targeting ‘All products’ in the feed file with one bid price. That means you do not have any control managing bid prices by product level.
  5. Your will be automatically led to ‘Auto targets’ page. Click ‘+ Add product target’ button and then you are allowed to add product target.
  6. Select an attribute and enter the attribute value from Google Merchant Center feed file, and click ‘Validate’ button. Repeat it until you finish adding all your products. Google provides 6 different attributes, and you can choose ‘id’ or ‘adwords labels’ to manage bid by individual product level. If you want to manage bidding by group of products, ‘adwords grouping’ can be a good option. Keep in mind that these values must match the values in your Google Merchant Center feed exactly. To utilize ‘adwords labels’ and ‘adwords grouping’, your product feed file must have optional attribute columns with values.
  7. Now you can see the list of all products with individual bid fields, and you are ready to manage bidding for Product Listing Ads by product level.

There are a few major PPC management software, but it is not clear how many vendors support product level bidding for Google product ad.  One of them is ClickSweeper PPC Management Software, which provide ROI bid management function which updates daily bid by cost per conversion or keyword ROI goal.

Once product ad is available from the screen of bid management software, you need to calculate cost/conversion that can achieve positive return after subtracting all expense where it includes ad spending and product cost.  As for ROAS, 100% is equal to ad spending.  Thus, adding product cost and target return will target ROAS goal at least 200% or higher.


Posted by admin on 31st January 2013

ClickSweeper as a hub for keyword performance management

At ClickSweeper, we continually work to provide features and tools that help clients manage their PPC campaigns. One feature clients find to be superior with ClickSweeper is the ability to manage keyword performance by bidding strategy at the keyword level.  For example, clients may set a target rank goal with a specific max bid or set a specific ROI or cost/conversion goal at the keyword level. With ClickSweeper, these clients can then manage their keyword performance by rank, ROI or cost/conversion goal, all at the keyword level. With our latest enhancement, the keyword performance page, users now have the ability to analyze, manage and update keywords all from the same page.

Whether you are managing thousands of keywords with a budget of hundreds of dollars per keyword or, more commonly, managing fewer than 100 keywords with a moderate budget, ClickSweeper’s new keyword management page can help. This page is accessible by clicking the keyword link from the Keywords Tab page.  Users who manage their campaign at the keyword level spend most of their time in reviewing keyword performance. For these users, having easy access to weekly and daily keyword performance trends aids in making quick decisions and smart campaign adjustments.  These adjustments are likely to include revisions to the current bid price, keyword level max bid or target rank.

To update the current bid of a keyword, simply go to the ‘Fixed bid’ column in the keyword bidding section and enter a new bid price in the box. Remember to save the change before you leave the page.  For those who manage keywords with ROI bidding, review keyword performance trends from the keyword performance page and then adjust max cost per conversion, ROAS or keyword level max bid from the same page.

Posted by James Lee on 26th December 2012

ClickSweeper 3.1 Release

Varazo, Inc. announces the release of ClickSweeper 3.1
bringing new enhancements to its pay per click software.

Santa Clara, California December 26, 2012 – Varazo, Inc., an
innovator in pay per click management software, announces the release of
ClickSweeper 3.1 with enhanced user interface and feature updates.

In the 3.1 version release, ClickSweeper has implemented the
Java GWT (Google Web Toolkit) widget on menus and windows to enhance the look
and feel of ClickSweeper.  While this
enhancement does not affect the software’s functionality directly, it will help
developers implement new UI features more quickly.

Additional enhancements introduced with the release of
ClickSweeper 3.1 are:

Recommendation of
Keyword ROI goal.
ClickSweeper has a bidding feature called Keyword ROI
based bidding.  With this feature,
customers can set maximum cost per acquisition or target ROI goal to improve
financial performance.

According to James Lee, President and CEO of Varazo, “one of the challenges
in achieving the desired goal is to define the appropriate maximum cost per
conversion or ROI goal from the campaign setting as neither an aggressive goal
nor conservative goal help improve campaign performance. To address this challenge,
we developed the Recommendation of Keyword ROI goal feature and believe it will
become a powerful tool for advertisers.”

Bidding Simulation.
ClickSweeper has added a function that allows users to test different estimated
bid pricing to achieve their target rank.
Users select a keyword to test then click on the checkbox next to ‘Rank
Based’ and select their desired rank.  Once
a user clicks the ‘Simulate Bidding’ button their estimated bid price is

API update. Updated
API support for the latest Google and MSN features have been implemented.

About Varazo, Inc.

Varazo, Inc. is an innovator in pay per click campaign
management software and offers a full suite of online marketing services
including PPC search marketing, PPC optimization, affordable SEO
services and online marketing consulting.
For more information, contact Varazo, Inc. at 408-615-7194 or visit us

Posted by James on 10th October 2012

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Posted by admin on 21st August 2012

Tips for maximizing search ad performance with Analytics data

More and more search marketers are seeing the benefits of web analytics based bidding, particularly Corporate marketers who often find they have low conversion rates and a limited number of strong performing keywords. If you are already using Google analytics, why not increase its power by using it to optimize bidding?

Long before most advertisers started linking analytics data to AdWords, we recognized the power that optimizing keyword bidding using analytics data could bring. We spent over a year developing, testing and perfecting the logic and rules for analytics based bidding. This powerful tool is now available in ClickSweeper. ClickSweeper is a sophisticated PPC management and campaign optimizer software solution designed to provide easy to use tools to help search marketers with common yet time consuming tasks. One of the many features of ClickSweeper is the ability to setup and manage bidding strategies based on your business goals. These bidding strategies include:

To illustrate how the ClickSweeper analytics based bidding works we’ve described a typical scenario.

You’ve set up your campaign performance goals and bidding rules but find that conversion count is low and there are only a handful of keywords that are performing well for conversion. As a result, you are limited in the number of optimization possibilities available.

With analytics based bidding you can rely on ClickSweeper’s logic to optimize bids based on the analytics data and quality rating. On the ClickSweeper Keyword page each keyword with its corresponding analytics data and quality rating are displayed side by side. On this page you can perform a number of tasks such as change bid price in real time, pause keywords or drive bid price based on ranking, all without leaving the page. If you prefer to manage bidding manually with analytics data, this can also be performed from the same page.

ClickSweeper analytics based bidding also offers automated bidding based on quality rating and the ability to set filters to pause keywords based on time on site or bounce rate. ClickSweeper automatically adjusts bids daily to meet the bidding criteria based on each quality tier. If conversion performance data is available, ClickSweeper makes another adjustment based on conversion performance such as rewarding keywords for excellent conversion performance and penalizing keywords for poor performance.

For more about ClickSweeper’s analytics based bidding, contact us today.

Posted by admin on 11th June 2012

3 keys to improved PPC profitability

Do you manage sponsored search ads but find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the latest tools and trends? Are you spending hours and hours poring over data to improve conversion rates only to see minimal improvements? If you answered yes, read below to find our tips on how you can improve PPC performance by focusing your efforts to optimize keywords, streamline bid management and improve your quality score.

Optimize keywords

With Google AdWords’ keyword research tool, generating a list of relevant keywords is now as easy as the click of a button. While generating a long list of potential keywords is a good start, you can’t stop there. The list must be optimized in order to have a positive impact on conversions and avoid wasting campaign money on poor performing keywords. In order to improve performance it is necessary to actively purge or demote unsuccessful keywords, optimize keyword matching type and add in negative keywords in order to eliminate unwanted search strings and more closely target your keywords.

Streamline keyword bid management

One task that never goes away from PPC management is keyword bid management. Since your business competes with others to win more views at the lowest cost, keyword bid management must be done aggressively and consistently.  This task is as dynamic as any other financial analysis, since there are many factors that determine ad visibility, the cost of a click and the cost of a conversion.  Effective keyword bid management can be complex and time consuming. However, since keyword bid management is based on mathematical calculations where past performance is a good predictor of future performance, it is well suited to automated tools. While Google AdWords offers free bid management features, we believe these are inadequate as they limit your PPC intelligence due to Google’s black box approach.  For success in keyword bidding, it is important to be able to analyze all of the potential variables that impact conversions including those provided by conversion tracking and web Analytics.  Continue Reading

Posted by James on 24th May 2012

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E-business technologies, working on clients relations in addition to durability of enterprise, make certain trustworthiness. Client support is instantly influenced by the well timed and uniformity in service delivery service among the e-trade machine. If a director has an inclination to cancelling company deals abruptly or faltering to take care of personal timetable effectively, the organization superior quality is compromised by unreliability (Colyvas, 2008). Clients are required to explode with complains on problems by a e-business method untimely regimen downfalls and shifts. One of the most probably problems for the internet business certainly are a very big lack of clients to many other operators, thus the need of good e-trade devices. Also maintains the current organizational objectives and targets, while e-trade, thus, not alone fosters fast endeavor operations.
Responsiveness regarded as a feature of e-trade models. This relates the status of an people in their own employed setting. It details around desire for the workforce to function appropriately to bringing the predicted outcome because of the users.

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Irrespective of how ingenious a corporation could be, the clients will likely transition compared to other companies whoever e-commerce units work well. Continue Reading

Posted by James Lee on 1st May 2012

How to get the most from Ad Copy Testing

If you want to develop pay per click ad copy that delivers results, a sound testing strategy that compares the performance of multiple ad copy versions is essential. However, when setting out to evaluate or test different ad copy versions, it is also important to understand ad serving methodology as this can dramatically affect your results.

Recent improvements by Google have resulted in three options for ad serving:

  1. Show ads with high click through rates more frequently
  2. Show ads with the highest conversion rates more frequently
  3. Show ad versions equally regardless of “early” conversion or click through rates

If you observe the timing when Google starts serving more ads to one ad copy version over others, you will notice that it often occurs before sufficient data has been generated.  If ad serving is skewed in favor of one ad copy version, then the ad copy evaluation may also be skewed.

To illustrate how the basis for ad copy serving can impact results, I have presented a real case study. In this case study, 2 ad copy versions were tested in 2 different time periods producing very different results.

Case 1.

Ad copy                                % Served             CTR                        Conv                      Cost/Conv

Copy A                                 84.2%                    2.64%                    11                           $30

Copy B                                  15.8%                    2.51%                    6                              $10.9

Case 2.

Copy A                                59%                        2.16%                    12                           $16.4

Copy B                                40%                        2.62%                    4                              $39


Based on this data, which ad copy do you believe has the best conversion performance?

Chances are you selected Copy B from Case 1 and Copy A from Case 2 as the winner of ad copy testing in terms of conversion performance.

If you observe the data closely, you can see Case 2 presents convincing data that copy A is superior to copy B.  Why is this not true for Case 1?  The reason is that Copy A’s served percentage in Case 1 is 5 times greater than Copy B’s.  As you can see, the ad served percentage had a significant impact on results.

From this data, we can conclude the following:

  1. Ad copy performance may not be scalable.   The inconsistent performance of Copy A (Case 1 vs. Case 2) suggests that ad copy performance is not scalable as Copy A is served 5 times more than Copy B.
  2. Google’s click based ad copy serving method may not the best option when profitability is the objective. The latest trend in Google’s ad serving logic would be to display ad copy B more often based on its higher click through rate even though ad copy A shows superior conversion performance and overall profit generation.
  3. The best approach for evaluating ad copy is to distribute ads evenly until there is sufficient performance data to make an informed decision. As illustrated in the scenario above, ad copy A’s performance was superior to copy B in terms of maximum profit generation.  However, when ad distribution is uneven, performance data may be inconclusive or skewed, potentially leading to the wrong decision on ad copy performance.


In conclusion, to select the best ad copy and optimize ad performance, it is not only important to test copy versions but also to ensure that each version is served evenly for a sufficient period of time in order to generate true profit driven performance data.  Once a sufficient amount of performance data is generated, it is then necessary to establish the performance difference that will distinguish winning ad copy from copy that will perform poorly.  Don’t fall into the trap of continuing to run multiple ad copy versions and poor performing ads long after you have the necessary data to tell you which ads and ad copy will produce the best results.

To assist advertisers with the process of testing and determining the highest performing ad copy, ClickSweeper provides a profit driven approach to ad copy evaluation. ClickSweeper’s profit driven approach determines ad quality based on click through rate and cost per conversion. Once the data is in and poor performing ad copy has been identified, the poor performing ads can automatically be suspended in each Adgroup so that you can stop wasting money and diluting your efforts by continuing to run underperforming ads.