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Posted by admin on 13th March 2014

How to Safeguard Rank Driven Bidding

ClickSweeper introduces Target Ranks 1.5 and 2.5 for more accurate placement at lower costs As an online marketer that depends on rank (ad position on search result pages), there are times when you want to bid aggressively to get the maximum exposure, but want to avoid paying premium to be at the top. That’s why […]

Posted by admin on 24th February 2014

Digital Marketing based on Signup Quality

There are many options when it comes to ad channel selection. While I am certain that you already utilize some form of ad performance tracking, your current method falls short if it does not measure marketing ROI. One of the most commonly used key performance indicators or KPI for search marketing is cost per conversion […]

Posted by James Lee on 18th February 2011

PPC Management Weekly Round-up 2/18

Welcome to this week’s PPC round-up of fresh new articles on pay per click advertising. You’ll find interesting opinion pieces on the SEO/PPC relationship, advice for using dynamic keyword insertion on Bing, and more. Keep reading for pro tips and opinions. First, two eye-opening articles from Search Engine Watch. The first, by Alex Cohen, proposes […]

Posted by James Lee on 25th August 2010

What the Yahoo-Bing Integration Means for Advertisers

It’s official: Yahoo’s search results are now powered by Bing. Ads on Yahoo are, however, still served by Yahoo — until at least October. If Yahoo and Bing can’t completely migrate Yahoo ads to Bing by October, they’ll wait until the beginning of 2011. (In other words, your holiday advertising campaigns should be fine. Phew.) Although […]

Posted by James Lee on 21st June 2010

PPC Management Tips: Why Bother with Bing & Yahoo

With 70% or more of the total US search share, Google is the indisputed king of search engines. If you run PPC advertising on Google, you might well wonder why anyone would bother with ads on Yahoo and Bing. After all, Google PPC advertising is probably taking up most of your budget and time already, so why […]