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Posted by James Lee on 1st September 2010

What’s wrong with my PPC campaign?

Maybe it’s not your PPC campaign at all. If you’ve carefully researched your keywords, compiled a comprehensive list of negatives, matched up the best landing pages to your tightly organized adgroups, written killer ad copy, and the conversions still aren’t coming in, it’s time to think about other factors that could be sabotaging your profitability. (If […]

Posted by on 19th July 2010

4 ClickSweeper Features that Make PPC Management Easier

Before we came up with ClickSweeper, we used vendor platforms to manage our PPC ads. And while we might confess to being a little biased about our PPC management software, we’ve found from our experience using both that managing PPC accounts is a lot less frustrating and time-consuming with ClickSweeper. There are some small but nifty features we’re especially fond of. Did […]

Posted by James Lee on 30th June 2010

PPC Management: Building Trust on Your Landing Page

When it comes to PPC management, your landing page is a critical (if often neglected) component. The click is just the beginning; the landing page is what determines whether your visitors convert or bounce. Although there are many reasons why visitors bounce, one key issue is trust. If you can’t establish your trustworthiness in under ten seconds, your visitor […]

Posted by James Lee on 24th February 2010

Quick PPC Tips: Evaluate Your Landing Page

So you’ve put in your hours writing killer ad copy, creating highly targeted adgroups, and compiling the best set of keywords ever. Why isn’t your conversion rate shooting up already? Your campaign may be stupendously good (especially if you use our PPC management software!) but if your landing pages aren’t, you might be losing precious conversions. Unfortunately, we spend […]

Posted by James Lee on 3rd February 2010

PPC Management Tip: Landing Pages

You probably already know that a highly relevant and user friendly landing page is key to high conversion rates and low bounce rates. It’s your first and best chance to make a good impression on a prospective client. And it plays a huge role in determining whether your prospect becomes a client. Important? You bet. At […]