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Posted by Chris on 25th May 2011

5 Ways to Guard Against The Keyword Monster

Over the past few days, here at ClickSweeper, the keyword monster has raised its ugly head. What is the keyword monster, you might ask? Well, it is a large group of 0 impression and/or 0 click keywords that sucks the quality score life out of campaigns. Back in PPC’s infancy, it was popular for managers […]

Posted by James Lee on 20th September 2010

Getting Started with PPC: Keyword Research

You wouldn’t embark on a trip to somewhere new without checking on driving routes, weather, hotels, and tourist traps to avoid, right? We’re often surprised by the number of people who jump into a PPC campaign without doing their keyword research first. Sadly, the best PPC management software in the world can’t save a campaign without a solid […]

Posted by James Lee on 7th September 2010

Which Match Type Should I Choose?

You’ll get a lot of conflicting advice on choosing a match type for your keywords. Broad match gets the most impressions and clicks — not all of them relevant. Phrase match and exact match receive significantly fewer impressions and clicks, but also spend less on irrelevant clicks. Which one should you use? The answer depends […]

Posted by James Lee on 16th June 2010

Using PPC for Branding

Earlier this month, we all got a lesson in how not to brand when BP began buying PPC ads for terms related to ‘oil spill.’ As a result, plenty of people who were looking for real news about the oil spill clicked on those ads and were redirected to BP’s official take on the spill. Not exactly objective content there. […]

Posted by James Lee on 3rd May 2010

Google Analytics & Your PPC Account Keywords

Google Analytics offers so much data that it can be downright overwhelming. You can get the scoop on what keyword generated what visit, how long each visitor stayed, how many pages he visited, whether he came in by paid or organic search, and even his geographical whereabouts. Whew. The good news is that the data […]