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Posted by admin on 24th February 2014

Digital Marketing based on Signup Quality

There are many options when it comes to ad channel selection. While I am certain that you already utilize some form of ad performance tracking, your current method falls short if it does not measure marketing ROI. One of the most commonly used key performance indicators or KPI for search marketing is cost per conversion […]

Posted by James Lee on 5th March 2010

Myths About Using PPC Management Software

Plenty of folks are skeptical about PPC management software in particular and PPC advertising in general. And given that an improperly run PPC campaign can, indeed, be a costly mistake, we here at ClickSweeper understand those concerns. But we also have good news: a well-run PPC campaign can be very effective, and good PPC software can do most […]

Posted by James Lee on 23rd November 2009

Getting the Most out of Budget Based Bidding

  Click costs on the rise? Budget based bidding is one of ClickSweeper’s most useful tools for stretching your marketing budget as far as it will go in the competitive and expensive world of pay per click ads. Here’s how it works. You set a budget (keep it realistic for best results!), and ClickSweeper uses […]